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TPMS Max Pressure Reading?

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I purchased the below sensors for running Demon front runners on my 22' SS. The tire shop says that they can't get the sensors to pair with the car. When I contacted the seller from Ebay, he tells me that the sensors only measure to 44 lbs. Has anyone use factory sensors over 50 lbs? Any recommendations on aftermarket TPMS that would work?
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I went with OEM Dodge sensors from Dodge installed by Dodge and they work fine with my Demon fronts at 70+ PSI.
Thanks! Any chance that you have a part number? Side note, what tires are you running?
I found Steve White TPMS. Maybe these are the correct?
Did they work? I didn't see the posted results. And you mentioned that the part numbers were different?
Thanks for being the Guinea pig!
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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