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Track mode not shifting correctly loss power?????

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Hey guys so I’m honestly realizing that it’s something probably wrong with my car or I’m over thinking it
2 things

2021 Dodge CHARGER widebody hellcat only 15k miles on it been doing it since it had only 6 miles on it

1. Dyno pages I’ll down shift to third gear even 2nd gear while driving and smash the peddle to go and my car will shift hard on track mode (which is normal) but every now and then the car would shift so hard it jerks the car back or studder the car (as if the car can’t shift correctly) all in “auto drive” that is NOT normal I’ve had two different dealerships look at it and nothing found it’s been doing it since I bought it brand new

2. Dyno pages will show my horsepower only get up to 660-680 max and hover around the 570-600 area on the dyno that comes in the car i know it doesn’t show Whp and even if it did thats not accurate and it feels slower than usual unless I’m used to it now

Any ideas or suggestions???
I came from a scatpack and my scat pack never did anything like that
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I made a thread about this a while back with my 21 Charger HC. Its "normal" now, but not for the older cars. They had different trans settings for track up to 21. My buddy's 19 Charger HC is butter smooth in track trans mode and shifts so instant its like a DCT. Mine was like a manual shifting. It hit hard but there were lags in between shifts and it was horrible. Jeremy Satera told me track trans on the new cars is not meant for auto shifting at WOT. Its now designed to be used better with the paddles on a road course. The sport mode trans setting is the faster shifting mode on the newer cars now. And he was right. Mine was butter smooth and hit just like my buddy's older HC in track trans.
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