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Track versus strip racing..opinions

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I know there has been a lot of good discussions on modifications for strip racing, but what about mod's for track racing? I've been asked to join a couple of car clubs so its time to start thinking about mods for the track. The "beautification" phase is almost done and I would rather start to divert funds on the mechanical spectrum.
To start, I know we are a little "chubby"...LOL.......and we tend to get into a oversteer condition on the first mod should be the tires. I was thinking on the rear at least a 305 upgrade. We should have an advantage on the straights, but the corners are of concern.
While trying to keep the HC "street legal", can you think of anything else?
Your thoughts, experiences and opinions would be appreciated. Any recommendations on specific tires and manufactures would be helpful.
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The twisties are a lot of fun! There is at least one lowering kit available. There may be more now. Get the center of gravity as low as you can. Any added stiffening as in strut braces might be helpful. Look into weight savings. Just taking out weight is not always the right thing to do. You need to look at weight distribution. Take out weight in the right places to help balance the car. As far as things that will help on the road course that are easily swapped out for the track, tires are a great start. Invest in some track only road course slicks and some light weight wheels all the way around. They'll make a huge difference. Also, upgrade your brake pads to a true track pad. Brakes are vital in good track times. The stock pads are a compromise to make our cars more street friendly. I had to change out the brake fluid on my '09 Challenger for road racing to something with a higher temperature rating. I don't know what's in our Hellcats but that is something I'd check into before tracking my car.
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Heat soak is not as big an issue with the Hellcats. They did an aggressive 30 minute test session on a road course in 100 degree heat with no heat soak. They also did 105 hot laps at a drag strip with no heat soak. Solving the heat soak problem and meeting these benchmarks was one of the conditions to be met before the hellcat was released for market. The factory cooling system is one of the most amazing things about the Hellcat.
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