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Trackhawk Exhaust Tips

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Up for sale is a matched pair of Trackhawk Exhaust Tips. As you guys know these are a direct bolt in for us Challenger guys. They fit without welding or modification to the pipes or rear resonators. Flanges are perfect. These tips are very lightly used and the only imperfection on the pair is pictured on the drivers side long pipe, and would be positioned to the ground side no matter which side you mounted them. Do a search, plenty of info. I don’t know if these would properly fit a Charger but I would think not. New from Steve White they are 400.00 for the pair. I’m looking for 325 shipped to you in the conus. Although I hate Paypal I will accept payment via F&F or if you prefer buyer protection just add the 3.75% or a Postal Money Order would work as well. Thanks for looking, thanks Mods.
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Sorry, no can do.
Hi @mossess Ive got two pairs. The ones pictured on my B5 car are staying right there. The ones I’m selling are cleaner as they only have 1 summer of use on them but not that much that it’s worth my time to swap. The ones on my car are there 3 seasons.
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