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Traction Control Possibly Kicked In?

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Hello all! Curious if anyone else has any experienced this: from a rolling start and about 3/4 power the car was performing as expected and then suddenly around 90ish mph (not sure what gear) the power just dipped, almost like a missed shift or something. Anyone else had this happen?
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The power dropped? Momentarily and picked up, or totally and it stopped? Give us more to think about.
Track has no stability or traction control. (Can spin freely)

Sport has no traction control, but retains stability control (spins in a straight lie, but if it drifts sideways stability control kicks in minimizing spin)

Auto mode maintains full traction control and stability control (least bit of spin or sideways motions and computer kills the power)
I think you need to flip your description of Sport and Track. It is in Sport Mode that drifting is done. Stability control is very active in Track Mode for obvious reasons. Some of my fellow lappers believe lap times can be quicker by releasing the Track Mode stability/traction hold backs.
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Correct DGatzby...I stated it backwards!
Good Saturday morning! Go have fun with it this weekend!
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