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Traction Control Possibly Kicked In?

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Hello all! Curious if anyone else has any experienced this: from a rolling start and about 3/4 power the car was performing as expected and then suddenly around 90ish mph (not sure what gear) the power just dipped, almost like a missed shift or something. Anyone else had this happen?
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If it's a Redeye, the car is capable of spinning the tires at 80-90 mph. I've spun my tires many times at 75 to 80 on a cool day going up a slight hill nearby my house. Under certain conditions, if the rear tires are spinning, the rev-limiter will intervene and kill power for about a half second to protect the engine from over-revving.

Or, it could have been traction control intervening to correct a spinning tire. Regardless, it feels like an abrupt jolt to the power, ie., a total loss of power for about a half second and then it upshifts and instantly recovers. Mine did it quite often at speeds less than 50-60 until I learned to roll into the throttle instead of slapping it. However, at 80 I'll typically slap the throttle and it will just accelerate, but if it's a cool day on a road with not great grip, it'll spin.
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CastleCat, you can still hit the rev limiter in Auto mode. If the tires can spin in Auto mode, or any mode, then you can still hit the rev limiter. The rev limiter is designed to protect the motor from over-revving due to a driver's failure to shift or when the tires are spinning up so fast that the transmission can't upshift fast enough. The rev limiter is a good thing. Roll into the throttle, don't smack it.
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