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Trade ins?

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Is anyone else doing a trade-in on their Hellcat purchase? Did your dealer try to sc**w you over (like mine is) because they know you're stuck buying the car you ordered no matter what?
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My old srt got bought back under lemon law. So no trade for me
What was the issue that made it a lemon. Just curious.
Transmission could not get parts to repair it. Sat in shop 5 months
Well, that is some bullshizzy. Good thing I get to write off all that tax on my return. I'm running out of things to donate.o_O
I need new shoes

You sound like my wife! She didn't want flowers or candy for Valentine's Day. This is what she wanted and I bought it for her: 380 S&W Bodyguard. She was very happy with her present.

I was just looking at one of these.
1 - 4 of 92 Posts
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