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Traded built ‘17 R/T for my first kitty

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Hello everyone!
I recently traded my ‘17 R/T for a ‘15 Hellcat challenger. Any suggestions for maintenance tips? I know a lot of guys hate dealerships, but I feel like if all maintenance is done there it would be harder for them to deny any warranty claim. Any help or suggestions would be great. Also I’m in the Pittsburgh area looking for meets. Thanks guys
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Welcome! Definitely RTFM as @baabootoo noted. One thing you might consider is firing the OEM battery before it quits. It turns out the HCs get pretty tempramental with low (but not dead) batteries so it's worth the $$$ to keep that in tip top shape. Beyond that, it's not really more complicated than your R/T so if you were comfortable with working with that, you're probably good here too!
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