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Trick to exhaust actuator springs

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Hey everyone, so I'm getting ready to sell the car and putting everything back to stock. I removed the mfer-1 I had, and the exhaust actuator springs are giving me a hell of a time. It seems it's if tighten to tight they bind and if I loosen them a little they slip off the rotator and I keep popping codes. I have checked and they are the right orientation.

Any advice?

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I would start all over and refer back to the MFER instructions, I know it’s not fun under there but starting all over will get you out of a pickle..the MFER1 site has the instruction pics of the spring orientation if at some point the spring(s) fell out and also how to reorient the motors to home resting position, if you’re binding when tightening? something is not properly located, once you’re sure the spring and motor locations are correct and line up you may or may not have to nudge the springs into the valve hub slots with a small screwdriver when pushing the motors down evenly over the studs, and only tighten down the nuts when you can push the motors down flat against the flange by hand..if you can’t find your instruction sheet you can also go to his website for this info as well
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