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Trinity not cooperating

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Just got the trinity T2. Got the swapped pcm from Diablo. Swapped out pcm but it gives this message below… it has none of the Diablo/LMI/91/93 tunes available. But it does offer the TCM performance tune.

“there are control units In this vehicle that are currently not supported. Blah blah then that I need to perform an update..

I have updated a couple times and no issue. Also whenI went into tuning the first time the unit told me I needed a TCM calibration and the unit then asked me to continue and it loaded a tcm calibration successfully. Anyone had this occur? Thanks
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Had some similar issues, went back and forth with updating the trinity on the laptop when it finally worked. Needed to trigger a software update and registration. I had used it on other cars.

If you just got the trinity, get diablo support to help you. You did get security bypass cable installed?
I did just get it but here is the catch. Got it from American muscle as an open box bargain. Everything was there and it looked unused? But maybe someone had connected it previously to their car.
It might still be married to a VIN from whoever returned it. I would send off an email to diablo. They were helpful when I moved it from my '14 SRT8 to my RE. If I remember correctly, they had to do something on their side, then I connected it to my laptop and updated it, then it worked.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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