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Tuned Hellcats with black key

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Anyone have their Hellcat modded and tuned and still using the black key when you want to play on the streets and have more traction due to less power? Can the black key still be used once the tune has been remapped?
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Depends on how they tune it. I'm not an expert, but I'm pretty sure the black key just forces the car to dump all the charge air through the release valve. So long as they don't turn that flag off in the tune, it should still work.

But I'm not a fan of reducing the power of the car to "play on the streets." That's kind of like driving with a training wheel mentality. You'd be better served as a driver to just practice somewhere safe with the red key and learn how to control your car and get some proper pedal discipline.
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Does the black key limit timing or enforce Traction control? I can not get mine to spin the tires and the trotted map feels limp. My Redeye feels more clamped down then just limiting it to 500 hp. Seems it might have more going on to make scared people happy and to stop hooliganism. But then my only drive with it was my initial test drive. My black key is only for dealers lol.
It lowers the throttle response and reduces the trans shift precision and uses a hyper conservative trans shift map as well (slush box feel). The reason why it feels more clamped down is because, along with reducing HP by about 40%, it also drops your torque by half. Torque is what breaks the tires out. Without the blower producing boost, it's basically running something on the order of 400 lb.ft torque. With the widebody, this is like running a stock Mustang GT on 305s. I imagine it's pretty sticky :)
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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