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Hello Hellcat Community,

We recently built a set of Forged wheels for one of our good customers.
While we were building the wheels for the customer decided he needed to more power in his Hellcat. He dropped his car off to get a Hellion Twin Turbo kit installed. This is one very clean build that we are glad to be a part of. 😈 😈

Velgen Forged SL Series
SL-7 - 20x9.5/20x11
Brushed Center/ Polished Lip/Stainless Hardware


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This reminds me. if the Hellcats had ZERO mass wheels, tires, and brakes, would their suspension GEOMETRY still be a handicap that reduces their cornering prowess, or is it the height of the center of mass?

Of course, light and strong wheels always help, but I was wondering at the suspension design limits. F1 cars do not have the same GEOMETRY. WHY?
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