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UConnect: lost my Pandora via Mobile streaming???

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Used to work perfectly; now it just stalls out on the NAV's "logging in..." message screen. Then it tells me to reconnect via the UConnect Access app on my iPhone 6 (iOS 8.1.3). All other Bluetooth communications function correctly.

Any other iPhone 6 users experiencing any problems with Pandora via Mobile?

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Yeah I would try another phone or upgrade the UConnect software
I just unpaired and re-paired my iPhone Bluetooth connection with Uconnect and now all is working well. (I have run a few errands today and each time I started, Pandora seemed to connect just fine). I don't know how long it will last, but fixed for now...

But - man-oh-man, does it take a long time for the Apps page to load! (OK, it is probably under 2 minutes, but these days that is a long time). I am sure they used great computer tech for the engine, but I think they found some old 80286 processors and some 4 MB ram chips to power the head unit... (OK - anyone remember when it was exciting that you could install this new thing called a "hard drive" into their TRaSh 80)?
Don't get me started!!! My first computers tinkering with them were 80286 8MHz, 386SX, 386DX, 386DX2 16 MHz (bought a math co-processor, then installed it and thought I was a baws), 486SX, 486DX/DX2 and 66MHz, 586 then Pentium Pro 200MHz (man I thought I had the ultimate dream machine.) Also had an IBM PS1, learned DOS 2.0 - 6.22 every single switch and parameter commands. I even succeeded in makin Doom game work over null modem cable direct connection between a 386 and 486 PC and I was only 11 years old and omg what nostalgic memories!! My very first multiplayer local "LAN" party lol Tammie stop me from going off topic aaaasaaaaaaaahhhhhhh
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I got you beat buddy, my first was a commodore Vic 20, then the Coleco vision Adam. And that damn radio shack trash
Lol what about commodore 64 and Tandy computers :p
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