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Uconnect Screen Delaminating

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Curious how many have had the Uconnect screen delamination issue and what you did to get it resolved. My 2018 Challenger Hellcat delaminated randomly last week and it also doesn’t seem to work properly anymore. My Apple car play flickers between the Apple interface and the Uconnect interface and doesn’t work properly when I answer calls now.

My car only has has 3300 miles on it but is out of warranty as of April of this year. I’ve read this is a widespread issue. I tried to reach out to Dodge Cares here but they didn’t respond. I’m not willing to spend over $1000 to have this pile of junk screen replaced out of pocket and then have it happen again. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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Mine started delaminating early this year. Then started randomly rebooting itself. Especially annoying when it does it as your staging the car. Stellantis covered the part, I paid the labor ($170) in June. Mines a 2017 with 21k. Had to explain how I knew how much of an problem they were, then they were pretty reasonable.
Do you know what number you called for Stellantis? And did you just explain the situation and the likelihood of it happening again and they offered to pay for the part? Then just told you to go to a dodge dealership to have it fixed with the part pre-paid? I'm new to Dodge cars, these issues and companies.
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