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If you don't want to go the route of trying to get it fixed free out of warranty, and I wasn't aware that it was possibility prior to doing this myself, I did a write up a couple of months ago....

From my research, there is a common issue with MY's 2017/2018 Touchscreen's (across most FCA 8.4'' screens) where the touchscreen begins to separate from the LCD. Most people report that it starts with bubbling on the screen as if there was a screen protector that is separating. But apparently it's an issue with the glue/adhesion that was used. Also heard that this glue can become liquid-like and drip into the hardware potentially destroying other things in the dash.

It seems that people are reporting this issues more which seems to happen 3-4 years after new (usually out of B2B warranty for most). Mine started a few weeks ago with bubble at the top, then a second bubble, then they merged and just starting getting bigger and bigger. Luckily, I did not have any of the screen ghosting issues...i.e. where the screen starts pushing on screen buttons on it's own. People have reported even it triggering climate changes that can't be undone. I wanted to bite the bullet as quick as possible.

There were 3 options that I was aware of. Full head unit replacement, Touchscreen / LCD replacement and Touchscreen replacement. A brand new head unit goes for over $1,500 and would require a dealer visit to program it to the car's VIN. Touchscreen / LCD replacement which is ~$700. Or trying to just replace the touchscreen and essentially glue it back together yourself, which might be like $200, but good skills are necessary.

I went with the Option 2, as it was the easiest fix. Research showed that the initial Touchscreen / LCD part # ended with (1), whereas it was later revised twice to (2) and finally (3). Most people have reported that the (2)/(3) parts will not bubble or delaminate as they changed the glue. However, these two parts are harder to come by. The (1) parts seem readily available on ebay, but will ultimately delaminate again. I found a seller who had (2) part and contacted him via ebay. By the time he responded, he had sold it, but confirmed he was ordering an (3) batch, mostly for his repair business, but a few more to sell on ebay. He gave me a headsup and I ordered the (3) right away. I believe it was $650, plus tax, plus $9 shipping from CA; so it wasn't like I had to wait for it to be imported from China.

The below Youtube video will walk you through the entire removal and install process (not mine, but very informative). This is VERY easy and I think anyone that can turn a screw driver could do it. The only snag I had was removing the interior trim (Challenger ); the upper right side would not pop off; was using plastic interior trim removal tools. That one clip ended up breaking off...I think the clip was defective from the factory as I had a real hard time removing it from the bracket even after it broke off from the trim. I just super glued it back on and it popped right back in no problem upon reinstall.

Below is a picture of the old screen where you can see the bubbling. Also is a picture of the part #3, showing the (3) designation. Also attached a picture of the rear connections should you forget where they go.

Hope this helps someone when/if the issue arises on theirs. At very least, hope to save you a little bit of coin by not replacing the whole thing or buying the compromised part as a replacement.

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Thanks for all your research on this, this is the exact issue I'm having. 2017 with ~34k miles and the top left corner has just started to delaminate.

I can't get a head unit replacement as I was told by a dealership here (New Zealand) that they're discontinued; so I'll try getting one of the (SL)(03) screens and swapping that out. Again, thanks.
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