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uConnect screen is black after jump start

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Hey all,

I have 19 challenger. The garage that I park my car at left the car on overnight and when I tried to start the car it wouldn't start. We then jump started it this morning and everything seemed to be running fine.
I came back 4 hours later and turned my car on. Car turns on fine, I checked the battery voltage and its sitting where it should be. The check engine light is on and my uConnect screen is just black. I tried to see if I accidently hit the screen off and that isn't the case. The dashboard cluster is working and showing that the blind spot detection is disabled.

I don't really know what to do. The car runs, my backup camera doesn't turn on because the screen isn't turning on. The parking assist sensors are all working. All the lights are working. Just the damn uConnect screen is black and I get a check engine light.

Anyone have any suggestions? I don't have a OBD reader and I don't know if I can access the codes any other way?
Maybe I have to pull a fuse out and put it back?
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Hi @Tritulus,

We're sorry to hear that you have this concern with your Dodge Challenger. We recommend visiting your Dodge dealer for a diagnosis. Please send our team a private message if you would like additional assistance while in service.

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