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Did the UConnect access come as a 1 year trial.....Trying to link my Pandora through the vehicle instead of Bluetoothing it all the time....It should run on its own internal app, It keep telling me that there is subscription cost
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Honestly? Just play Pandora through Bluetooth onto the car's system.
I've used the uconnect app and it just seems redundant. You have to launch the uconnect app on your phone anyway so it's not like you don't have to reach for your phone anyway.
The one difference is that with the app you get the on screen display. It's nice being able to glance at the screen and see the artist, and do the thumbs up/thumbs down from there. However, the overall awkwardness of having to fire up UConnect Access then having to run the slow-starting car app is enough that I probably won't subscribe once my trial period runs out.
Doesn't running those music apps eat up my gigabit/whatever thingys ?
I don't have "unlimited" on my phone, hope I'm asking right question. As u can tell 'puter savy I ain't
Yes, it uses your phone for the data connection. But really it's no different than if you ran Pandora on your phone and then used Bluetooth to send the music to the car. Either method uses exactly the same amount of data.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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