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Undercover H'cat Dallas ...

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Up early to get some more pics, and it worked :D
Vehicle Car Stadium Sport venue Arena
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This is a stunning color, with Laguna interior, and as all 7 Hellcats that I spyed automatics, with View attachment 497 no sunroofs! More on speculation/rumors/inside info. on why NO SUNROOF!?
Cool pics!!! Any pics of the interior?
Love it!! If my order didn't change it was built with this laguna sepia leather inside. Great work!!
Yes a beautifully down leather interior! I own Leather Coating, Inc. so 'am very partial to great quality leather products. I have to say that I am very impressed with the quality I have seen here, and at the Dallas State Fair.

More for my Charger friends:D View attachment 500
That's so cool!
Yeah, Getting pictures on here is tough, A good person to talk to is HCDC, He posts a lot of stuff.
Aww shucks making me shy !
I hope the reason we all ended up in JS status for so long was this kickoff event...............hope to see mine soon
Hope so too, Smitty is confident 11/04/2014 is the ship date
Awesome pics and your son is gonna grow up to be a motor head like his dad lol
Yes he is, built the black one for him, but it was too much car at the time, plus no safety equipment such as airbags, abs etc. So vetoed that ...
Maybe order a hellcat for him when you get yours LOL
Did anyone say SIDE EXHAUST!!?? Rumored here to be a future option. The cars I saw with them were done-up nicely, great look, and notched side trim ... rumored and said that one would be able to switch from regular exhaust to side exhaust with a push of a button .... hmmmm we will see, sounded amazing! View attachment 511
Interesting! Wonder how that affects the tires heat wise
Ha ha, his college car is already too fast for my liking. He had to have a GTi so we did one up for him, with trick suspension, lowered with BBS gold wheels to contrast the blue car ... Crazy car -kid like his pops!
Very cool, you're an awesome pops Juan! I don't know many pops like you
Thank you, that's the best compliment I could ever ask for!
You're welcome! You deserve it
They looked to me to vent out past the tires, at a good angle View attachment 514 , but that is a heck of a lot super hot exhaust going out the sides. Of interest the drag cars, yes two Hellcats, 1 was black, 1 was silver, did not have them but several othes did :D
Interesting ! Hope the tires don't get overheated lol
Better pic of side exhaust angled delivery, and notched trim ... ps notice the worn out tire, that will be the norm for most of us! :D View attachment 515
Lol imma drive valet mode to preserve engine and drive train
That's my plan too HCDC, And to stop me from doing anything stupid
And here I thought I was the only one :)
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