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Unknown Noise

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2016 auto. Going for a cruise - everythings normal. After 30-40 mi. I get this noise that you first notice as you come to a stop. It sounds like it could be something in the tire, but it's not. You slow down, it slows down, you speed up it speeds up. But you can only hear it it very slow speed. The longer you drive it, you can hear it at normal speed. No vibration or anything else strange, just noise. Any suggestions?
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I actually get the same dang thing. It only happens at low speed, and seems to only be coming from my left side (can’t tell front or rear) wheel. It’s like a chirp. When I apply light brakes it still is there but heavy brake it’s not. I have removed and inspected both drivers side wheels, brakes, hubs, and can’t find what it is.
My car made the front rotor noise as the rotors were nearing the end of their life span and I was on my second set of brake pads (power stop). It was really only noticeable with windows down cruising 25-35 mph through neighborhood or canyon or by a block wall which would reflect/amplify the sound which sounded similar to a mild version of water running through a copper pipe through a wall is as close a description as I can equate to. What condition are your rotors in? Is there a protruding lip around the outside edge?
my rotors are in great condition, car has 22k on it and hasn’t been road raced. Another odd thing is it’s noticeable when turning right but not when turning left. Pads still have a ton of life on them and rotors don’t have any grooves or visible lines
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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