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Unknown Noise

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2016 auto. Going for a cruise - everythings normal. After 30-40 mi. I get this noise that you first notice as you come to a stop. It sounds like it could be something in the tire, but it's not. You slow down, it slows down, you speed up it speeds up. But you can only hear it it very slow speed. The longer you drive it, you can hear it at normal speed. No vibration or anything else strange, just noise. Any suggestions?
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Best I can describe is something between a clicking and rubbing. It's low freq. Again, it don't do it for about the first 30 mi. Then becomes noticeable as your stopping. Can't feel it, but can hear it (slight noise) in the car. Wife says she can't hear it outside as I roll by. The more you drive it gets to where you can hear it as your traveling 60 mph. It's definitely rotary, and worsens as things heat up. Crazy question - Can tires be expanding as they heat up and causing a rub? I've raised the front end, spun the tires, nothing loose, no noise, slight brake drag (as normal)
Tires wouldn’t expand anything noticeable. The pressure would slightly increase, hardly noticeable.
Perhaps you have some loose underbody plastic rubbing on a tire, driveshaft, ground. With more wind resistance at speed, could be pushing something that’s not seen/heard at lower speeds. I would start at front and all the way around look for signs of loose plastic that shows wear, including inside fender wells.
Thank you for your time and input. I just can't figure why it doesn't do it on short runs. It's like heat has something to do with it.
Check driveshaft mid bearing
Can I check that myself? What am I looking for?
Can you tell if it is front or back? Maybe ask your wife to hang her upper body out the pass window (or you do it while she drives) and see if you can figure out the location. BTW: Are the wheels and tires stock?
Stock tires and wheels. Slow roll, sounds like it's up front. 60mph, maybe front to middle. It's hard to pinpoint.
1 - 5 of 18 Posts
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