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Upset my hellcat needs to go to body shop

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Last week, driving home from work through a construction zone had something kick up from the car in front of me. It was spinning, and I had no room to move. Thought I got around but got my passenger side. Nice dent and scratch down to the metal.

At least insurance (Farmer's) has been easy to deal with. I carry a $zero comp so it'll cover everything. Just frustrating.
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How much was the repair bill? The only reason I ask is I had a similar incident happen. When I called it in the insurance explained what happened and how it was unavoidable, they said no problem, $0.00 deductible. My bill was total was $1500 and some change for a scratched fender and a new spring and strut(I ran over a 4x4 post that fell off a truck on the hwy in brand new car with 300miles on it at the time). My next insurance bill came around and I had a massive rate increase. When I called to question it I was told because I made a claim over $1000 it now shows I have a claim history. I explained I was told it wouldn't count against me, they said only for the deductible, however my claim history would take a hit. Needless to say they said it would drop after 3yrs. I spent WAY more in rate hikes over the 3yrs than it would have just to pay the $1500 out of pocket. And this was coming from some with ZERO claims EVER on my insurance, home or auto. I talked to my agent and he explained each insurance company has a set price for when they ding you, most hover right around the $1000 mark. Anything under wont trigger the rate increase, anything above gets you dinged
Boy, do I know THAT story!

Couple years ago, my GPS directed me to a washed out road (impossible to see because of weather and heavy vegetation overgrowth).

$8000 in lower body damage, 2010 Buick LaCrosse CSX in like new condition.

My insurance too had a no increase clause (I have 50 plus year perfect record).

What a load of BS that was.

Paying more out the wazzo now… 🙈
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