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Upset my hellcat needs to go to body shop

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Last week, driving home from work through a construction zone had something kick up from the car in front of me. It was spinning, and I had no room to move. Thought I got around but got my passenger side. Nice dent and scratch down to the metal.

At least insurance (Farmer's) has been easy to deal with. I carry a $zero comp so it'll cover everything. Just frustrating.
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I agree with Turd to consider all angles. I have paid several possible claims on my business commercial policy to avoid premium increases. My agent once explained that 3 or 4 small claims
is worse than one off the wall big one. Small claims show a trend. Don't know that for a fact, but trusted his advice and it has worked for years. Recently coughed up about $2500 for a lighting strike and no claim filed. My annual premiums have stayed somewhat flat for several years.
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