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Vector Graphics - Hellcat Logo / SRT

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Anyone have some vector graphics of the Hellcat and SRT logos?

I have a vinly plotter and would like to size and cut some graphics, but I don't have a good original to work with...a vector graphic is ideal.
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Hellcat and Hellcat logo along the edge of the windshield.
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Well that will work...if it's a vector graphic, it's scalable to any size. I can use an EPS, SVG, WPC, etc. any type of file that works with vinyl cutters.
I'm going to go up the side of one of windshield pillars. Also looking to explore some other options....I have about a dozen rolls of vinyl, so plenty of material to work with.
Wait, why wait...there's no waiting...1601 we need to see some photos...
Alright, finally got it figured out on my own...found a really good PNG file online and let Adobe Illustrator do a "trace" on it and now I have a vector graphic that I can use... needs a little bit of cleanup (few tiny edges to adjust), but it's sweet to have something I can specifically size.
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Already available on eBay - there's a logo and an entire car. It's not a genuine fathead, but the cling vinyl.
Reusable vinyl they make sports related items like a football player that to stick on your walls. Just Google it. Pretty cool stuff if you're a kid or have a man cave.
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Not sure what you mean? Are you just saying you photoshopped the logos onto your car?
Not sure anyone read the entire threads anymore :) Already found what I needed and converted to vector graphic format - and cut a few out.

Just post the vector file, there's nothing wrong with sharing it.
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