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About 6 months ago I sold my cammed C6 Ls3. She made 500whp and was fairly light at 3200lbs. I owned the car for 4 years since new and loved every minute.

I was bored with it and so the market was good and I sold it. In my new search I looked between Zr1's, C7's and Vipers. I ended up finding a Gen4 08 viper with 7k on it. It was a great example and I truly enjoyed it for the month I owned it lol... I'm 6ft - 230lbs... I just didn't fit well and honestly the attention it grabs is great but it got old... I also believe it had a few gremlins. I didn't want to have to fix it so soon... Got spooked. I also hated the fact that bolt ons we're going to cost me 10k .... SMH

I started to search for a new car and was very attracted to the Hellcat. I have always liked the look of the challengers but never liked the power output. That was until the hellcat. I believe the capability in the future for more power and good reliability is bright. I was easily sold on it.... I picked up my billet silver hellcat today and I am looking forward to enjoying it for several years to come.

I am pretty active on car forums so I look forward to learning and chatting with all of you. Cheers from Atlanta!

Here are a few pics of my journey to today
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Nice congratulations and I re edit for full pics preview
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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