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1. hope you have replacements handy if you ever go to trade it in.
2. hope its not illegal to remove them in your checked 1st I'm sure, so you know this parts already.

Dealer cannot legally resell the car without them afixed & unaltered, they are Fed DOT & NHTSA required and are considered part of the vehicle's safety system.

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Soak them with the alcohol for at least 10 minutes. Mine took considerably longer than that though.
Be careful when pealing the sticker off. The first one was 99% unglued but there was one small spot that for some reason didn't unglue. If you go too fast you'll tear the fabric.
Get a bottle of goo gone. It will take 99% of the rest of the glue off just go slow and be gentle.

As for the legality, I don't know I haven't been able to find the law that says you can't. There is also laws against speeding, and removal of catalytic converters, and having too dark of a window tint.
So I guess remove at your own legal peril.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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