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VON Holder Customer Journey Map

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This is partly meant to be serious and funny. Its a basic one.. I dont have time to do the research for a full blown one... But I would hope the FCA does.

Customer Journey Maps are used by all big organisations that care about their customer interaction and touch points. I thought it would interesting to do one for the VON holder.

To other VON holders.. let me know if I am off base. This is based on my experience.

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You talked to him on the phone and he had the nerve to blame your dealer, give you no option or resolution for your issue and basically told you tough shit? What a dbag
"Yeah, I could just add 4H4 to your POC and get you a car, but instead you can go beg from one of our gouging markup dealers. Tell the rest of the people waiting that not a thought will be given or a finger lifted to make things right. But a few people will get my personal cell number and whatever they want promptly."
You'll be done complaining when I say your done complaining! Get back to complaining! :D:p
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