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Come on folks vote here for the Dodge Challenger Hellcat SRT 2015 for Best Car to Buy!! CLICK HERE!!! ==> Reader Poll Which Best Car To Buy Nominee Would You Pick

Reader Poll: Which Best Car To Buy Nominee Would You Pick?

We’ve driven and compared all 15 of this year’s Best Car To Buy 2015 nominees in a variety of terrain and locations, wringing out the best of each car to see which deserves the award. But we also want to know what you, the armchair enthusiast, think. So we’re asking you: which of the 15 cars up for Motor Authority’s Best Car To Buy 2015 award would you pick?

The question is simple; the answer is anything but. How do you determine one car is better than the next? What appeals most to you? Should the award go to the car that’s most fun-to-drive, the one that speaks most to your soul? Or should it go to a well-rounded character, one just as ready for a glide to a swank restaurant as a run up the nearest canyon?

Today, it’s up to you to answer these questions—and more. Just submit your response in the poll to see how your favorite car on our Ultimate Hits of 2015 list fares—and be sure to drop into the comments to explain your reason why.

You'll have until we announce our choice for the Motor Authority Best Car To Buy 2015 award on November 10 to make your case, so be sure to check back often to see how the votes progress--and be double sure to visit our Best Car To Buy page to read about each of the nominees over the days between now and then.
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