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Wa wa wa...I mean hello from WA.

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Mopar enthusiast from Washington State.

Not an owner and don't have an order.

But I'm looking. I had a 13 Challenger Core. Plum crazy. Stupid me traded it for a Wrangler Rubicon. Now looking to get the big cat. Alas, it is not proving hard to find but hard to justify the markup.

Just thought I'd join since I spend a couple hours every day perusing this forum and the internet in general sussing out Hellcat info, deals, crazy prices, etc..

Cheers. :)
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Thank you all. I'm following up on a couple of leads but I will definitely keep an eye on the info that springs up here. Frankly, I'm not too picky other than I really don't want a red car. I even prefer the M6, so I won't really be sad if I don't get an A8. :)
My most recent conversation:

The Hellcat you inquired about Will, is a customer order and has been
released from the plant, but is not shipped yet. If for some reason he
does not take it when it arrives I will be sure and contact you. If it
does go into stock it will be priced at $92,570.00
Then, a few minutes later:

There are no Hellcat Challengers in inventories and only 14 total Challenger Hellcats inbound to dealerships within a 500 mile radius of Wenatchee (WA, OR, ID, MT, N CA, N NV) all are customer orders, none will arrive any sooner than the end of May. That is all there is. If any of those don't finalize I can assure you the bidding war will begin...
I politely declined, although I did offer to go up to 5K over MSRP. I did that because I assume that the '16 models are of course going to go for a larger MSRP.

I have talked to various leads across this great land, but I've been too slow so far. I'm starting to think I should pick up something else until this all dies down. Except I can't think of anything that I could stomach that comes even close to this. Haha. :)
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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