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Want to put wider wheels/tires on my cat

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I want to put wider (10") wheels and Nitto 315/35/R20 NT05R on the back of my hellcat. The new tires are 1.57" wider than stock. I crawled under yesterday, seems like two small spots on the inner well will be a problem. The back lower end is an easy trim off, but the front inner has a "bump" sticking out.

Anyone know how I can "trim" this down to just accept these tires?

The extra width will look cool and really help in the 1/4. Thx for any advise.
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Thx RadCat. Looks like I'm good to go. JohnnyHellcat said on one of his posts that 315's didn't fit.
Maybe not on his stock wheels? I know I've seen someone on here running 11" wide rear wheels and 315's without issues. Found it, Coldheartid did it here. Post #23 in this thread gives pics and details. 20x11 Bravado Tributes with an 21mm offset and Nitto Motivo's in 315x35's.
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IA cat just stuck 35/35's in with 10.5" 25mm backset. I got a set of PZero 315/35's in the mail today, should have the wheels by the end of next week. Same deal got my money on 10.5" with the 25mm backset. He said they applied some heat to the ribs in the front of the rear wells and was able to flatten it a bit. I am not going to do that unless the tire contacts it. I think it will just clear, but won't know till we stick them on. The liner in the back does need to be set back just a bit. Coldheartid's thread has great pictures of that mod. That looks easy.
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