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We are in SRT experience MIS 6/25

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My wife ( joschoice) and I have signed up for the driving experience 6/25 at Michigan International Speedway with a thank you shout out to member wants2 here for his faith in mankind passing his along hoping we would send a check.....
Any other members going to be there then ?
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This is directly from the q and a section of the registration page.....

You have 1 year from the date of purchase. As long as you register for an event before your expiration date, you can attend even if your event date is after your expiration date.Was this answer helpful? Yes or No
DrB is right. Says that it is only good for one year, but they always let you use it past that. They should, as it is paid for in every car purchase and they will even tell you themselves during the closeout meeting of the day that thousands of people a year don't even take advantage of it.

And yes, get there at the time they say it starts and you'll enjoy a nice, simple breakfast catered by their choice of a local establishment. I have found their breakfast and lunch to always be great.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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