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Hell-O Cats,
FNG Bret here. Been trying to join the HWB6M club since last year.. Waiting for Dodge to open up the ordering banks. I'm a gearhead in the purest sense and a terminal Dodge fan starting in 1970 with Scat Pac. My fav was the T/A Challenger. Later in 1989 when Viper hit the Chicago Auto show as a concept. The spiritual predecessor Shelby Cobra was a childhood infatuation.
I am however non-denominational auto manufacturer wise. In US history I believe every breed to have excellent performance examples. Just can't have 'em all............although I'd like to. 😉
Thank you guys and gals for allowing me to be a part of your wicked-good institution.
I'm honored.
Warmest regards,
2941 - 2942 of 2942 Posts