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2015 Challenger TriCoat Ivory White Hellcat
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Background: Bought my 2015 Challenge M6 Cat with 21,400 miles on it in mid April. Car just turned over 22k. Always have been a manual performance car person so had to have an M6 in the Cat. Have discovered a few things since purchase:
1. Prior owner put a heavy diff brace on it.
2. Prior owner put a Barton short throw and JLT Oil separator on it.
3. Legmaker CAI make it sound awesome.
4. And most importantly, this car can not get any power to the ground.

So one with the purchases, just ordered an AAD Track Pack to square the rear and get the toe more even and try and get some of the power to the road. The other purchase is a OEM 3.90 rear pumpkin. After driving this and getting on it, these gears on this tranny are just odd. First gear to 60 is fun but tall then second feels off and so does third. Feels like dodge was confused on if they were going for top speed on a 4,400lb car or a quarter mile 4,400lb car.

Next purchases will be 17’s for the rear and bias ply rubber to go with. Then a pulley and tune. From there will have to feel out the car, but should get it to the 10’s with those few things. Thoughts on my plan?

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11 or 10.5 inch wide rear wheels with 305-315 width rubber for general street use will make you less of a graffiti artist. Plenty of vendors on here sell beautiful options in forged aluminum, and one will get you forged magnesium for a price, and there are the Cheapo Depot cast offerings you can use also that are a really close replica of the stock style.

What amazed me in the bone stock Hellcat I have is when I took two people out for a rip, how the front end felt like it wanted to climb to the moon (from the torque) in 2nd and 3rd gear, not at the beginning of the gears, just in general. It was frickin' glorious. Yours is gonna be a hoot.
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