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Western Mass new member…..

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Hello everyone. New head from Western Mass. On my second TRX and hopefully will be able to pick up a 2023 Redeye Challenger. Not sure of my chances and I’ve reached out to a few dealers……
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Welcome. Where in W. MA? Grew up there.
Longmeadow. Whereabouts are you from?
Grew up in Longmeadow lol. Beautiful for sure but tbh was glad to leave. Everyone in everyone’s business. Wasnt really for me. Moved around a bit and finally ended up in Enfield of all places lol. Never wouldve thought it but I actually like it. People mind their own business lol.
Not my thread, but Enfield, CT?, NH? ME?
CT. OP would know because it borders his town in MA.
I would have added a "like", but I have a bias against CT! Lived there most of my younger years. Hope you are able to make it work for you! :)
No worries lol. It’s been almost 20 yrs so far. I’ll survive 😉
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1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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