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What’s the difference between the 6.2 vs 6.4 short block for forced induction?

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It looks like both have cast pistons and rods. Procharger says their supercharger is designed for the 392 and the latest design does over 200hp putting it in HC territory and the SP already has the 3.09 LSD rear.

What am I missing?
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Some guys buy a street or street/strip car and others prefer to build one. Doing a proper build isn’t cheap but if you use the right combination of parts it can be very rewarding. I wouldn’t use that pro charger but there are prolly a lot who would

A couple of things worth mentioning: The 6.2 block is better than the 6.4 (high nickle and more metal/less water jacket). Getting rid of the MDS adds to the build price and so does upgrading the lifters if you start w a 6.4
I have no idea what all is upgraded in a HC trans (if anything other the converter) but if your car is not gonna see a well prepped track does it matter?
A P1SC or P1X head unit won't make 200hp on 5psi. You'd need around 7-9psi for that (7 if you find a way to greatly increase the charge air cooling by way of something like a race intercooler)
Check out Jannetty racing. Stock scatty (turbos and intercooler installed) at only 4.2# of boost think it made over 650/650 wheel? Stock is around 425/425. 50% gains w only 4.2#. Do not believe you will see that w a centrifugal supercharger : )
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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