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What happened to "THE MEDIA CARS"

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Are these the most collectable ? Did they have A VIN#? Are they really a HellCat without the logo? Test cars were probably hopped up in other ways than production HellCats. Because they have the SUPERCHARGER badges everybody wants supercharger badges. Personally I like the sleeper HellCat badge that came on my production# 1639.
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Yes the pilot cars have vins and if I remember correctly they all where 500xxx. There are two levels of pilots we build S1 & S2s. S1 are some of the first cars built using non-certified parts and parts that are not production quality. These parts won't have textures or soft materials used they are just used to make sure they fit etc. lots of these are used for crash test and other durability test. S2 cars are closer to prod cars and have prod ready parts with texture and soft materials. These are cars used for press and exec and S2 can be sold to public when they are done with them. All pilot cars we built all had the supercharged lettering on the fenders. We didn't start using the cat head till V1 cars ( customers cars )
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