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Almost forgot! There was this on the interstate! I have no idea of his gears etc. but basically neither of us got the better before we caught traffic, on a roll. It was pretty stout, because I was in the RE and the tires were NOT slipping. And, no I had no time or desire to whip out the phone except when I came up upon it to get this picture. Very friendly thumbs up then we tagged teamed making it thru some interesting traffic coming into the Cities from the NW. I was returning from BIR in late May last year driving on the OEM set of wheels/tires.

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Love the tubs. I want to build another one when I retire and move with more room. My Pro Street Monte. Even the cops would give me a thumbs up.

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That is a serious adversary. Driving that thing on city streets must be scary.

PS just finished some bolt ons and tune to my HC, you will have to let me take a crack at you when the snow melts.
It will be fun. At least the RE will be stable, by then all the bushings and suspension will be firmed up.

We both laid on them (it was up on 94), I guess the speeds were not supersonic, but that thing looked pretty stable all the way into the cities. We made short work of the distance from just east of Clearwater to 494.

May 4 at BIR, bring the Mustang up and do some lefts and rights also.

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My first kill on the streets.
In my Demon.

I had just left the dragstrip
For my first time.
Windows still marked
With race numbers.
I had 100 octane in the tank
With the 840hp mode on.

My car was loaded down with all
My gear.
My tires were super sticky
From racing all weekend.
Skinnys always on front.

In my rear view mirror
Just getting on the highway
Behind me is a bright yellow

I asked myself "Is that a Lamborghini?"

I slowed down a little
Let him come up to me.
I tapped the throttle to let him know.

He lined it up I gave him the hit.
I put it to the floor.
I was feeling confidence
After just leaving the strip.
I had all my gear weighing the car
Down and it hooked.
The asphalt was fresh.
Stripes look like they were just put on it yesterday.
It was like a dragstrip.

The supercharger whine.
Then the front end comes up
The weight transfered
And I was gone! left on him like
He was standing there.

Then I slowed down again.
He wants more of that.
I let him up to my door
Gave him the hit.
I floored it again.
Left on him
And his yellow Gallardo Spyder
With his top down.
He turned off after that one
He went home to lick his wounds.

The chances of seeing
A Lamborghini on the street or anywhere around here
Are slim to none.

The chances of racing one
After I left the dragstrip
1 in a million.

I think I had more fun on the
Street than at the dragstrip.

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Some awesome stories guys! I really thought I was going to have a good story today... I noticed a bright green Porsche GT3RS riding my a** at every light and every turn... so I decided to migrate towards the freeway. Well what do you know he follows me. I get on the freeway and move towards the far left lane... he violently gets up behind me and then changes lanes to get next to me. We were clear for about half a mile ahead of us so I double tapped the SRT button and right as I downshift I see the front of his car start to lift out of the corner of my eye (the green was like slimer from ghostbusters) so I put my foot to it. I could feel it spinning but the car was staying straight so I worked through it and I quickly noticed that the Grinch was not next to me... was he behind me? Nope. Above me.... nope. Finally I see it in the exit lane getting off the freeway. I dont even know if he tried to pull and then bailed or if he immediately turned off. I was excited because I know those cars are pretty damn fast... and it would have been interesting to see the outcome. Oddly enough I underestimate my car a lot. Maybe a win against something like that Porsche will help me put a mental note of what the cat is capable of.

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I would think you would have demolished a gt3. Another story if it was a gt2.
Yeah they are monsters, don’t they run mid 9s? Any idea what their half mile trap speed is?

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1 day after buying my Charger HC I went to Biloxi, Ms for Crusing The Coast weekend... After driving around slowly in traffic and showing off I decided it was time to return to my buddy's place in Ocean Springs, Ms. We pulled up at the red light in front of Golden Nugget Casino where a Porsche 911 and Ferrari 458 Italia both pulled up on each side of me. We all casually left the red light (mistake on their part) and approached the Ocean Springs bridge. Once we reached 40 MPH everyone took off, Porsche was left behind and my Charger HC and the Ferrari were neck and neck at approximately 150 MPH (he could not leave the Cat). Once the traffic allowed I pulled up right next to him and he then opted to get off at the next exit and would not continue the race... Basically my 4 door ($49K) family sedan almost and I believe would've beat this $250K Ferrari on the open Interstate while we were both running WOT. I still ***** at my buddy that was in my car for not thinking to record this on his phone... Also beat several modded Mustangs and Camaros. Would like to pull up to a CTSV.
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