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"Hey guy in front of me, go ahead and cancel in protest".. Not ganna happen, already seen "fights" on this site over possible cars available and who called "shotgun" first.
I remember those good old days Harley (back in February hahaha) when I was told that I was rude when I said that the guy at the SRT chat was not helping, and also I was told that I needed to move on and maybe do not deserve this car. I remember who said that, so if you are ever in MD and we are running laser, just say hi.

Do not worry jerry, you will get your car, it is a matter of waiting, And many of us will not call you rude or names, actually, we will support you. That is why we have a forum. To support and to rant. Lately more ranting than supporting, but it does not matter. And if you are close to my neck of the woods, I will take you on a ride when they deliver mine in a couple of weeks.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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