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Maybe if all you Americans cancel your orders , they will ACCUALLY let more escape in Canada for those of us waiting since last July!!
Ahhhh who am I kidding??!!
They are made in this country , but won't be seen on the roads here because Canadian cars are few and far between.
3 cars in line ahead of me at the dealer , ordered 8 months ago and have serious doubts I'll get a car this year?
At the current rate cars are being released in Canada I doubt all 3 cars ahead of mine will be built and delivered this year.
8 months ago I was given a Von and told spring delivery, spring is here but not so much as a vin for me....
The ARGUEMENT of being patient is wearing thin , least in Canada we can't search dealers for cars on lots, THEY DONT EXISIT here! But they sure are willing to take your deposit for one......
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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