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Maybe if all you Americans cancel your orders , they will ACCUALLY let more escape in Canada for those of us waiting since last July!!
Ahhhh who am I kidding??!!
They are made in this country , but won't be seen on the roads here because Canadian cars are few and far between.
3 cars in line ahead of me at the dealer , ordered 8 months ago and have serious doubts I'll get a car this year?
At the current rate cars are being released in Canada I doubt all 3 cars ahead of mine will be built and delivered this year.
8 months ago I was given a Von and told spring delivery, spring is here but not so much as a vin for me....
The ARGUEMENT of being patient is wearing thin , least in Canada we can't search dealers for cars on lots, THEY DONT EXISIT here! But they sure are willing to take your deposit for one......
To add further to your comments, at my dealer the first order is still in "D" status since late October, they have agreed to "pay" the price (less desirable vehicles in lieu of an order) for a Charger ("D1" to be built this month), and then there's my Challenger being built this month (tentatively next week). The GM does not expect any more Hellcats this year.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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