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What kind of cameras and where to mount?

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I've never had a GoPro or anything similar. The GoPro's seem to be pretty big (size). I have seen some crotch rocket guys with smaller versions (different brand like Phillips, Sony or Pioneer?). I'd like to have several but don't want them so large.

So what are you guys using and where are you mounting them? I don't want my car to look like a Google mapping car, but I'd like to have one forward on the dash, one backwards in the rear deck, then a couple outside like roof, on the side facing back (or out to the side?) and of course would need one on both sides because you never know what lane you will be in...well except for me, I live 98% of the time in the fast lane....

I don't need 4k Ultra High Def. Just regular HD will work...but then again, watching them on my 4k Ultra HD TV might be kinda nice. But I think I'd rather have less definition (as if HD is a drawback) and buy more of them.
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