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What radar detector do you use? Any regrets

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So I'm in the market for a radar detector... not quite sure what to get... I'm interested to hear what brand you guys like and how good they are.
Any must have features?
Do you regret not spending the extra cash and getting the....
Catch Me If You can 4 thousand and 3... R :D
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I used Passport Escort 8500 in all my vehicles for YEARS and they were great, until modern cars started using K band radar for lane departure systems, automated cruise control, etc. Now they beep non stop with no way to update them.

I've started replacing them with Uniden R3 detectors that have advanced filtering, the ability to be updated via internet, and several other features that eliminate false alerts. Put one in the Camaro to test for a month and liked it enough that I bought a second one for the Hellcat. Mounted to the mirror with a Blendmount and get power from the rearview mirror with a homemade wire tap. Reasonably priced at about $300 to boot.



Wire Tap: - but you can make your own from an old phone cord if you're clever
If anyone has an old V1 they want to sell that's updated for K band filtering I'm game. Need something for the 4Runner and don't wanna spend all that much on it.
This is probably almost as good ..................
Uniden DFR7 Super Long Range Radar Detector with GPS |

($129 with coupon code VORTEX1)

Also, DFR9's are under $230 right now on Amazon.
Just ordered a DFR7 for the 4Runner, the VORTEX1 code didn't work on BuyDig, but the price was pretty decent on Amazon.
Just retried it & it worked for me ??
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So weird. When I put that in the "promo code" field and hit apply, the page refreshed but price stayed the same. Oh well.
Been a good thread. I've updated the aged Passport 8500 that I had in the Camaro and Hellcat to Uniden R3 units. Installed the one in the Hellcat yesterday, forgot what a PITA that rear view mirror is. 100 degrees in the shop, didn't flip on the AC as I thought it'd be a 15 min job. An hour later I was having heat stroke but it's done.

Got one of the DRF7 or whatever for the 4Runner, should be delivered today to replace a 20 year old Cobra that likely doesn't even work anymore LOL.
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You don't even have to man handle it in my car. If I lean forward and my head bumps the mirror it comes off LOL. The hard part is getting it back up there. You have to remove the plastic, then put the mirror up on a bolt glued to the windshield, and rotate the mirror to lock it in place. THEN put the plastic back on. Once you figure out the sequence it's not bad.
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YEG_SpeedyCM do you have recommended settings for the Uniden R3? Seems like you know your stuff and there's a bazillion settings in this thing. The police around here seem to use KA exclusively and setting it to "City" keeps it pretty quiet but still picks up the popo with enough advance notice.

Curious if you are familiar with this detector and have suggested settings?
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