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What radar detector do you use? Any regrets

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So I'm in the market for a radar detector... not quite sure what to get... I'm interested to hear what brand you guys like and how good they are.
Any must have features?
Do you regret not spending the extra cash and getting the....
Catch Me If You can 4 thousand and 3... R :D
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I used Passport Escort 8500 in all my vehicles for YEARS and they were great, until modern cars started using K band radar for lane departure systems, automated cruise control, etc. Now they beep non stop with no way to update them.

I've started replacing them with Uniden R3 detectors that have advanced filtering, the ability to be updated via internet, and several other features that eliminate false alerts. Put one in the Camaro to test for a month and liked it enough that I bought a second one for the Hellcat. Mounted to the mirror with a Blendmount and get power from the rearview mirror with a homemade wire tap. Reasonably priced at about $300 to boot.



Wire Tap: - but you can make your own from an old phone cord if you're clever
I also run the R3 and the mirror mount, but instead of a mirror tap, I use the optional remote mute cable and have that mounted on my ProClip phone mount. I never have to reach to the mirror for mute. One thing to note about the R3 is the Highway/City mode. On highway, while driving in town, you will get a LOT of K band notifications from modern vehicle, all of which you can filter out if you want, Change the setting to City and the false notifications will go down drastically...and by the way, I never speed!!!! Just saying...:)
1 - 1 of 97 Posts
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