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what rpm's are you running at 72mph?

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I set my cruise at 72mph at 2000rpm my car is a m6 it's 2016 hellcat challenger with stock size tires
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Have the same set up. I'll check and see. why?
more curious than just seems like a high rpm for 72mph....I have 99 ws6 but it is a 4l60e auto and has 3.73's and that about what it is. So I guess if my m6 hellcat has 3.70's thats about correct
72mph at 2000rpm? Nice gearing. They must have upgraded the final overdrive at some point. On mine it is around 2000 at 60mph or so, nothing particularly efficient. It should be about 1000 rpm at 60mph. That would make efficiency leap about 10 percent, at least, based on industry standards of mpg relation to rpm.
oh yeah I can almost see the fuel hand moving as I
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1850 at 78 in my 2021 392 m6.
damn and not even 2000rpm and mine's a m6 also but at 72 it's 2000
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