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what rpm's are you running at 72mph?

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I set my cruise at 72mph at 2000rpm my car is a m6 it's 2016 hellcat challenger with stock size tires
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Thank you so much for this!!! this site just saved me a ton of math, ONE, and made me realize I have a 3.90 rearend, TWO. Now it becomes more obvious why this thing felt like it was trying to climb the sky in 3rd gear!

I guess I will have to check into that. Now I REALLY want a different set of ratios in the transmission. I'd rather have a 2.0 to 1 rearend ratio and run an eight-speed Lenco, TBQH, as the final final total drive of the 3.70 setup is 2.33:1, whereas with a 3.90 its even more revvy at 2.46:1
An eight-speed Lenco would be absolutely EPIC. One of the things I like about the Lenco is that you can shift with or without the clutch, depending on speed and wear you want, etc. And, it's so Olde Skule.

But, alas, Lencos can cost around 30hp (most likely max-effort wide-gear racing versions.) and I'd have to set my clutch for a certain degree of slip, like Pro racers used to do when they used Lencos. However, it WOULD mean a very, very small-diameter on-off switch style of clutch could be used...
You do realize you can not decelerate in any gear (except high) with the clutchless version, right?

If you have to lift for any reason after the launch (before it’s in high gear) that gear has to be disassembled and inspected (even if you are lightening quick at getting the clutch pedal in)

Killer trans for racing but if you have to abort a pass n don’t get the clutch disengaged before decel it’s gonna hurt itself

*you could alway build the first clutchflight a8?
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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