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About to spend some money on a new set of wheels and tires. Looking to possibly put either two of these 18” wheels on my Hellcat Challenger in the links below and wrapped them around some 305/45/18 Nitto 555r2s. I don’t know if daily driving on an 18” wheel is an issue or not but I do like more tire sidewall look. Every time I see a thick looking tire in the rear on a car I melt for it and passionately want that look on my car as well. It just looks really aggresive and beefy in the rear. I have done my research and looked for many 18” wheels but it’s either a fitment issue or it doesn’t look all that great especially paired with my black factory 5 spoke wheels up front on my car.

I know I’m more flexible with tire brands and sizes with a 20” wheel as opposed to the 18” wheel and I would have gone with that for peace of mind but seeing another Hellcat or other muscle cars on the street with a smaller wheel and taller tire sidewall height attracts me and I wind up back on the internet looking to see which 18” wheel would look good in the rear of my car. One of those heart says one thing and the mind says another type of situation.

If anyone can share advice and as a bonus have pics of these particular wheels on the rear of their car as it would be helpful to see how it looks. If it’s an issue dailying the car with an 18” in the rear or if these wheels won’t workout then I might just say screw it and just stick with getting the aftermarket HR5 20x10.5 rep wheels from PK auto. I’ve spent several months of research for the perfect 18” wheel in the rear and I’m not sure what to do anymore. Let me know what you all recommend thanks.

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