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Wheel and Tire Noob Question

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Okay go ahead and get the smart ass comments on record. I’m a big boy and I can handle it. 🤣🤣🤣
I am new here. I own a 2022 TRX currently. After lots of thought and careful consideration I placed an order for a 2022 Super Stock today. The reason I went with the Super Stock is likely not what you think. I will do very little actually track racing. I’m getting the car to have a fun weekend cruiser and maybe go to a few Mopar events… test and tunes ect… but overall the car will be a street car.

Here is the issue. In ordering the new 2022 Redeye Wide Body I was told by the dealer that you can no longer get the 3:09 rear gearing or the Laguna leather package. The only way to get these options is to order a Jailbreak at full price and no guarantee that I will actually get it due to the low allocation.

My only option was to get the 2022 Super Stock or do without the gearing package and add myself and settle for the Alcantra interior. Not my choice. Hence ordering the Super Stock.

My question is this. Have any of you guys run the factory Red Eye wheels and tires on the car for daily driving and kept the drag radials specifically for track days? If you have how do like this option. I plan to see if this will work in my case and was simply wondering if anyone else has done the same and can share experience.
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Chrysler musta developed that car for the Chevy guys

It’s like John Force putting some stickers on the body and referring to his AA/FC as a Camaro or a Mustang

No John, we all know it’s a Mopar : )
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If you just want cheap street wheels and 275’s (it won’t hook on the street no matter what street tire you run anyways) these are on clearance 129 each at race star

Wheel Tire Car Land vehicle Vehicle

*dunno how yer gonna beat that deal? Cast China yeah shitty polish job but that’s a easy fix and they are pretty lite (25#)
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If I had the money to order one of those new, pay the sales tax lic n reg, it would stay with ss 3401 Mickey’s on all 4 corners for the street…

*skinny’s/3580 for strip : )
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