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Wheel Hop solution options

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Having wheel hop problem. Discounting price, What is the best solution for wheel hop for a novice to install for my Challenger Redeye . AAD Wheel Hop Eliminator or BMR cradle lock with lower control arms or something else? I know neither choice is not an easy install , but was is the least painfull.
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Same car here. Zero wheel hop because the stock tires suck. It just lights em up. Bad for racing but no hop. I've actually been putting off getting better tires because with that will come the hop I'm sure.
That is 100% correct. The only way tires effect wheel hop is as you describe. If they are too slippery no hop.

A combo of Whiteline cradle bushings and the AAD set of arms (thus changing all the control arm bushings also) will fix 90% of wheel hop. That recommendation makes the car ride BETTER and DOES NOT increase NVH. I have done it to two Hellcats now. Don’t believe me and my Redeye is available for demo rides to prove my point.
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