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Wheel Hop solution options

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Having wheel hop problem. Discounting price, What is the best solution for wheel hop for a novice to install for my Challenger Redeye . AAD Wheel Hop Eliminator or BMR cradle lock with lower control arms or something else? I know neither choice is not an easy install , but was is the least painfull.
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Tires will do the most to cure wheel hop, 17"s with a 50 series side wall will help a bunch. The BMR cradle lock outs will also help considerably, but there will be an increase in NVH - rear end noise will be amplified, road noise/roughness will be amplified.
Wheel hop is a result of the tires having traction then not having traction in a rapid cycle. I would not reccommend the cradle lock outs on a daily driver type of car. I have them on mine, but I race at the track weekly so the trade off was worth it. As far as the arms go, I have no experience with them, the cradle lock outs cured any wheel hop issues I experienced at the track. My experience is that if the cradle is allowed to move around there is only so much control arms can do.
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1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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