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Wheel Specs?

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Basically all I know is they are 20 x 9.5

Anybody know where I can find our stock wheels
Lug Spacing

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A wider wheel with the same offset as stock will push your wheel outside of the body, 1" wider with same offset means 1/2" of wheel outwards, if you go 1" wider and want the wheel in the same location as stock your offset should be around 31mm
I believe we are saying the same thing, we but we are a critical 5mm apart in opinion. I personally have passed only a 5/8" short rod between a 305/35 on the OEM wheel and the tightest spot on the front side of the rears where the "rib" is. I will go 1/4" closer with a 25mm offset, but you are suggesting 1/2" closer. I would encourage you to double check clearance with a 30 mm offset no matter what size width wheel you choose. An 11" wheel, a 10.5" wheel and a 9.5" wheel all put the same size tire 1/2" closer to the inside with a +12mm offset change.
You do understand that the offset is calculated from center of the rim? So a 30mm offset on a 9.5" wheel vs a 10.5 " wheel places the outside of the wheel in a different location. I have bought and sold many wheels and understand the offset, so I really have no need to double check, its quite simple math, if you have a 9.5" wheel and want to go to a 10.5" wheel, your offset needs to change by 1/2" (half the wheel width change) in order for the outside face of your wheel to remain in the same location which means the 1" you added to the width is added to the back side of the wheel.
For the 11" wide wheel you used in your comparison the offset should actually be 37mm to put the outside face of the wheel into stock location, the 31mm offset I mentioned was in reference to a 10.5" wide wheel

I tried to help, once wheel position is correct so will tire position, assuming you run the recommended size or tire on the rim,
1 - 4 of 86 Posts
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