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Wheels For Drag Radials

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I know from reading on here that 18" wheels do fit on the back of the Charger's and Challenger Hellcats. I want to buy a set of wheels for DR's for my Shelby, but I'm also wondering if they will fit on my future Charger Hellcat. Not too sure what the lug pattern is on the Hellcat, but here are the wheels I'm waiting to pull the trigger on.

Charcoal 2013 Style GT500 Mustang Wheel - 18x10 05-14 All - Free Shipping

If these fit on both my Shelby and the Charger Hellcat, I'll buy them right now. I'm looking to mount Nitto NT05R 305/45ZR18's on them.
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Well from what I find is Ford bolt pattern is 114 and Charger is 115 so nope you need vehicle specific rims. Also Dodge offset is 18 mm stock for when you go shopping
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Damn it, nothings ever easy. Thanks guys
Sell the Ford, problems solved:D
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